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Come on out and visit us at 1000 E Michigan Ave. for horse fun, a little pig and goat time, and bonfires on the weekends! 

Our babies are very friendly and would love for you to come hang out with them, pet them, and give them a little snack.

Our roadside pumpkin and corn stalk stand

George loves dinner time!

Farm friendly decor

Welcome the newest member of the family, George.

Bringing home Macon.


The little guy helping with feeding.


Bath time for Izzy.


Memphis is sure to be the first one to dinner.


Macon relaxing poolside.

Macon and Ahana having play time.


A weekend bonfire.


The boys love hay day.


Macon playing with his ball.


Some friends stopped by with bug spray to help with our little infestation. 

When you've got an itch, you've got to scratch it.


George enjoys scratches behind the ears and he's got a lot to say.